British Columbia Endodontic Solutions

Apr 20-22, 2018

Learning through experience – pairing hands-on training with didactic instruction from specialists in the industry.

Overview of BCES: Hands-On Endodontic Course

This 3-day course starts with a little theory, then practice on extracted teeth, and then learning to implement your new skills on one of your patients while under the supervision of our team of endodontists. This course is perfect for those who want to improve their results with rotary endodontics and have the opportunity to practice what you learn under guided mentorship.

24 CE hours.

Learning Objectives

  1. Diagnosis: Become more familiar with the 3 T’s of diagnosis: terms, tests, techniques
  2. Case Selection: Identify pre-op warning signs
  3. Access/Orifice Location: Improve accuracy
  4. Hand Filing: Attain and maintain patency, avoid iatrogenic errors
  5. Rotary Instrumentation: Develop a confident, safe, and reproducible process that works every time
  6. Irrigation: Maximise benefits of chemical dé-bridement
  7. Obturation: To length with fewer voids
  8. Post-RCT Restoration: Tips on saving the whole tooth
  9. Management: Help your endo patients help themselves and appreciate the great work you have done