Bone Grafting & GTR Level 2

Dec 6, 2014

Guided bone and guided tissue regeneration are important parts of clinical dentistry. The Level II Guided Bone & Guided Tissue Regeneration workshop will begin by reviewing the basic information presented in the Level I seminar that included bone graft materials, membranes and the necessary instrumentation needed for socket grafting and ridge preservation.

Patients often present with more complex grafting needs than the simple tooth removal and socket graft. The contemporary clinician should be able to offer these patients regenerative therapy to reduce periodontal defects and concerns and to increase the existing volume of bone to expand the treatment options for the patient.

Horizontal (often referred to as onlay) grafting techniques including flap designs and suturing techniques will be discussed. Reducing vertical bone loss in the maxillary posterior with the “osteotome sinus bump” will also be addressed and both situations are practiced on anatomically correct models during the hands-on exercises.

Upon the competition of this seminar and the hands-on exercises, you should be familiar with the opportunities available to increase the alveolar ridge in both horizontal and vertical dimensions as well as reduce periodontal pocket depths, design and execute successful flaps with tension free suture closure. Please join us for this fun filled seminar and hands on course to expand your guided bone and guided tissue regenerative techniques.

Why Our Workshops Are Successful Each procedure is explained in detail using detailed slides and a workbook. (You get to keep the book.) Most procedures are included in the hands-on portion. All models and instrumentation are supplied. All procedures are taught by licensed, practicing clinician who understand your problems. Attendance is limited to ensure personal attention by the instructors.


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