Atraumatic and Efficient Oral Surgery: New Concepts and Technology for the General Dentist

Jul 17-18, 2014

A comprehensive 2 days of oral surgery! Faster, more predictable extractions! Do extractions like an oral surgeon! The newest and best extraction instruments! Don’t stress the sinus any more during extractions!

Course Description:

Implants and esthetic bridges require atraumatic extractions. The emphasis of this presentation is on routine extractions that become more difficult than expected

The presentation will cover:

-Advanced instruments and procedures as taught in modern oral surgery residency -How to avoid or manage many common complications, such as bleeding problems with patients on anticoagulants -Managing infections -Luxators: the world-wide standard of care. -Essentials for 3rd molar anatomy/bone removal -Suturing techniques -Bone grafting -Flap Resection -Many minor oral surgery procedures -Medications and post op instructions -Extraction expertise will be taken to the next level for socket preservations, multiple extractions with alveoplasty, frenectomies, exostosis removal and other minor dentoalveolar procedures.

This course will enable the general dentist to:

-Broaden the range of surgery procedures done in the office -Better avoid or treat common surgical complications -Do surgery procedures more quickly and predictably -More clearly understand surgical “standards of care” -Have a better grasp of what surgery procedures need to be referred -Do socket bone grafts according to current, commonly used techniques

Hands-On Portion:

The Hands-On portion will be performed on life-like dentoform models, performing surgery procedures that are a prelude to doing them on patients. The principles and techniques from the discussion will be realistically implemented on the models.

The following will be performed on the models during the Hands-On portion:

-Surgical extractions -Socket preservation with bone graft material and barrier membrane -Partial bony impactions performed with flap reflection -Bone removal to avoid sensitive anatomic structure -Preventing a dry socket -Multiple extractions followed by alveoplasty and continuous-lock suturing -Incision and Drainage -Other minor oral surgery procedures

This course will enable the general dentist to:

-Go back to the office with superior knowledge -Have a solid feel for soft tissue incisions, bone removal and placement of bone graft material -Know first-hand how various surgical materials are used and/or manipulated -Receive one-on-one instruction and feedback on a number of procedures -Understand what current “standards of care” are regarding several surgeries commonly done in a general practice


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