Anterior Function and Esthetics

Jul 18-19, 2014

Concepts for developing anterior function, form, labial .morphology and optical illusions.

This updated two day hands-on waxing seminar will go beyond esthetics and give the dental team an in depth understanding of lingual morphology as it applies to function, form and phonetics. Participants will learn techniques which will help them obtain proper preparation reduction for PFM’s, pressed ceramic and CAD/CAM fabricated restorations. This class will include how to prevent porcelain fractures during various eccentric movements and how to use color and labial morphology to create optical illusions.

Students will use tooth colored dentin, enamel and transparent waxes to complete a six unit anterior wax up following the ’’DeVreugd Compass Concept’’©.


Russell T. DeVreugd
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