Alaska Cruise & Learn: What Every Oral Health Care Provider Should Know About Oral Pathology & Medicine

Jun 29 - Jul 6, 2014

This evidence-based course is intended to give participants a review and update into oral pathology and medicine. This course is clinically focused to provide for immediate application or translation to daily clinical practice.

Common lesions that a practitioner would encounter in clinical practice will be discussed, including odontogenic infections, cysts and tumors, and non-odontogenic pathology such as jawbone diseases, periodontal conditions, soft tissue lesions, and mucosal and skin lesions.  An update into oral cancer will also be provided, with discussion of medico-legal implications and case precedent with respect to failure to diagnose pathology.

Developmental, inflammatory, and neoplastic conditions will be discussed from a clinical, surgical and radiographic diagnostic approach. Treatment and management of common oral conditions will also be discussed.

Finally, some current translational research into oral diseases (bench-top to chair-side) being conducted by USC expert faculty will be presented.


Parish Sedghizadeh
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