Advanced Lip Augmentation & PRP Aesthetics

May 17-18, 2014

This 2-day, 16 CE aesthetics lip augmentation training will provide a complete education on the art, science, and injection techniques needed to provide patients with the most optimal results for the lips and perioral areas – Enabling dental practitioners to master treatments and provide the most comprehensive smile makeovers. Building on the foundation taught in the comprehensive courses, this program takes a more in-depth look at lip anatomy, assessment, volumizing, symmetry, restoration, and re-balancing. Attendees will be able to better assess the appropriate size lips for patients’ facial anatomy, giving them natural looking, well-proportioned lips and surrounding areas. This training will truly provide the best and most customized approach to your patients, teaching various techniques to produce 7 different lip styles that your patients will be educated on prior to their treatment!

In addition to dermal fillers, attendees will learn treatments using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for facial aesthetics, a revolutionary, collagen producing treatment offering natural skin rejuvenation for long-term beneficial results. PRP treatments reverse the common aging signs in the skin by using the patient’s own platelets, making the treatment hypoallergenic.