Advanced Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting

Nov 13-16, 2014

This four-day course is designed for the implant dentists, who want to enhance their knowledge & experience in bone and soft tissue grafting procedures. Comprehensive information on the human cranial and oral anatomy will be given.

Each participant will spend a full day performing hands-on exercises on human specimens such as: nerve and artery preparation/dissection, hard and soft tissue graft harvesting procedures, sinus elevation, bone splitting procedures, CT graft, and more.

Program Topics:

Anatomical considerations in conjunction with hard and soft tissue grafting procedures Dissect and get familiar with the exact location of inferior alveolar nerve, mental nerve, submandibular fossa, retromolar pad, lingual nerve, mandibular ramus, infraorbital nerve, palatine artery and nerve, nasal floor, maxillary sinus, buccal fat pad, and more

Advanced bone & soft tissue grafting procedures:

Learn how to perform: Horizontal ridge spliting procedure for the mandible using PSP technique (Pedicled Sandwich Plasty), Vertical interpositional osteotomy ridge augmentation, Bone harvesting from the mental and ramus regions using Piezotome, Sinus lift and graft Lateralization of the mental nerve, The use of buccal fat pad in oral implantology-related procedures, and Palatal connective tissue graft