Advanced Guided Surgery with Zygoma Implants

Nov 10, 2014

This advanced course is for the clinician who is already experienced with guided surgical protocols and the knowledge to perform virtual surgery. More challenging tasks with planning software are reviewed, such as placing implants that are tilted off axis, for example, the posterior implants of the All-On4 technique, and the placement of pterygomaxillary and zygoma implants. An advanced guided surgery case is reviewed and the patient CT data is distributed to the course participants for conversion and 3D planning of the case. Live surgery of the same patient will follow. The presented case will emphasize the necessary steps to avoid potential inaccuracies. This information will then be used as a starting point to continue site preparation and zygoma implant placement according to the established protocol.

EDUCATIONAL GOAL Participants will have the knowledge to plan advanced surgeries on the computer software as well as perform the advanced virtual surgery for complex treatment.


1). To demonstrate the treatment planning and pre-surgical aspects of complex treatment.

2). To provide clinical instruction and hands-on dental implant virtual surgical training.

3). To provide clinical patient management before, during and after dental implant virtual surgery rehabilitation.



Thomas J. Balshi
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Glenn J. Wolfinger
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Stephen F. Balshi
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