Advanced Grafting & Sinus Floor Elevation

May 1-3, 2014

The Advanced Grafting and Sinus Floor Elevation course covers a wide range of information on bone grafting, soft tissue grafting and sinus elevation techniques. Advanced periodontal “plastic” pro-cedures in implant reconstruction, including tunnel grafts, pedicle grafts and repositioned flaps will be included. An in-depth discussion on bone grafting will include roles of different grafting materials, resorbable barriers and non-resorbable barriers for non-primary closure and the use of BMPs and growth factors. Using live surgery and an extensive video library, this course also will review traditional Trans-alveolar Sinus Elevation (TASE) techniques with os¬teotomes and discuss in detail an advanced osteotome technique using Contiguous Sinus Floor Elevation (CSFE). CSFE offers predictable large elevations (5-8 mm) as a minimally invasive approach with minimal instrumentation and often simultaneous implant insertion. Sinus floor elevation at maxillary extraction sites and adjacent edentulous areas can of¬fer patients immediate implant reconstruction. These techniques offer a faster healing interval and minimal discomfort. Cone Beam CT imaging is important for evaluation of alveolar dimensions, sinus anatomy and pathology for appropriate technique selection. We will discuss progressive skill development and CT diagnosis to avoid complications.


Minimally Invasive Bone Grafting Complex Multi-Site Grafting Periodontal Plastic Procedures Advanced Crestal Sinus Elevation Techniques LIVE surgery observation Hands-on application session


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