Advanced Dental Sleep Medicine Seminar

Sep 5-6, 2014

Sleep Group Solutions is excited to announce we are teaming up with one of our most knowledgeable instructors, Dr. Dan Tache, and offering an advanced dental sleep medicine course. Dr. Tache has been treating sleep and TMJ for over 40 years and is one of the best.

This course is designed to go far beyond the typical “basic” information you will get at the majority of sleep medicine courses.  If you have been treating sleep for a few months or a few decades and are ready to take your knowledge and your practice to the next level then this is definitely a course you don’t want to miss.

2 Day Course Layout – 16 CE (AGD/PACE Approved)

  • Risk Factors for Pediatric & Adult Sleep Disturbances
  • Pediatric Sleep Disturbance Screening Tools
  • Adult Sleep Disturbance Screening Tools
  • Forms for Implementations of Screening Protocol
  • Revisiting Our View of the TMD Patient
  • Employing Technology
  • Sleep Bruxism (SB) & Movement Disorders
  • Case Studies for Clinical Correlation
  • Sleep Disorders & Dentistry: A Review
  • Sleep Basics and Beyond
  • Identifying and Addressing Reasons for CPAP – Intolerance
  • Treatment Options for the SDB Patient
  • Working with the Sleep Specialist
  • Pharmacology of Managing the DSM Patient
  • Long-term Maintenance of the DSM Patient
  • Combination and Hybrid Therapy
  • Treatment Rationale to Prevent the Exacerbation and Control for the Evidence Based Treatment TMD/SRBD Patient
  • Plus Much More!


Dan Tache
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