Northern European Cruise – Oral Surgery: A Review for the General Practitioner

Jun 26 - Jul 5, 2015

Have you had a patient in your chair with a medical history as big as a 3 volume encyclopedia?  Do you feel you need to refresh your medical knowledge a bit? Have you had the desire to biopsy a suspicious lesion and establish a diagnosis for your patient? Do you place dental implants or maybe are interested in doing so? Have you had a surgical complication during an extraction or maybe don’t do surgical procedures because of the possible complications? Have you had a patient asking about minimally invasive cosmetic procedures?

If you answered YES to any or many of the questions above then this course is for you!!

The art of a proper history and physical – CYA at all times!!

The oral cancer screening – Saving lives starts in the mouth

Oral lesions and biopsy techniques – differentiation and treatment Management of medical emergencies in the dental office

What you need to know for that medically complex patient of yours

Odontogenic cysts: Diagnosis and treatment options – Avoid liability Surgical complications  and how to avoid them

Endosseous implants: Placement and bone grafting – Cases and technique

Prevention of complications in the cancer patient – Osteonecrosis

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures – Neurotoxins and fillers

Reading possible red flags in your pt’s medical history – developing a safe treatment course


Daniel Oreadi
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