7-Night Alaska Glacier Bay Cruise – Update 2015: Practical Dentistry for the Restorative Practice

Jul 26 - Aug 2, 2015

In today’s world, the clinical practice of restorative dentistry is a very exciting and challenging endeavor.  Consistent, predictable, clinical techniques to create quality dental restorations in a time efficient manner form the basis of every procedure that we perform for our patients.  Effective use of new science and technologies in dentistry will help create a more pleasant patient experience, allow you to add more clinical procedures for your current patient base, and differentiate your practice in the marketplace.

Day 1:

Direct Composite Restorations 

  • Morphologically precise direct composite restorations
  • Predictable proximal contacts using sectional matrices
  • Bulk fill and Sonic delivery of composite.
  • Bioactive Dentin Replacements and cavity liners

“World Class” Crown and Bridge Techniques

  • Methodical Tooth Preparation for Restorative Success
  • The Art and Science of Provisionalization
  • Tissue Management for Perfect Master Impressions
  • Predictable Cementation Protocols

Complex Aesthetic and Restorative Rehabilitation

  • Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Dentistry
  • “Pearlfect Smile” – Indirect Composite Veneers
  • Prefabricated Composite Veneers as an Alternative to Direct Bonding

Day 2: Short Term Orthodontics, Prosthetic Tooth Repositioning and Orthodontic Tooth Preparation 

  • How to correct tooth position for function and aesthetics
  • 6 Months Smile and Invisalign

The Perio-Prosthetic Connection to Restorative Dentistry

  • Soft tissue recontouring using diode lasers
  • Biologic width diagnosis
  • Biologic width correction using all tissue lasers
  • Spatial repositioning in the aesthetic zone

Multidisciplinary Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry

  • Restoration of excessive tooth wear: The role of anterior guidance
  • Open bite restoration without surgical intervention?
  • Step by step clinical protocols for complete rehabilitation
  • Dental implant restoration in the restorative practice
  • Creative solutions for complex aesthetic and functional problems

Course is taught during the 2 days that we are sea. (Mon. Jul. 27/Sat. Aug. 1)

AGD Codes/CE Hours (not in order)

250 Operative Dentistry  –  3 hours

370 Orthodontics  –  2 hours

490 Periodontics  –  3 hours

610 Prosthodontics/Fixed  –  6 hours

780 Esthetics/Cosmetic Dentistry  –  2 hours



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