3D Guided Implantology: Total Integration from Start to Finish The Value of Precision

May 16, 2014

This program is specifically designed to provide a unique experience in 3D implantology

from start to finish. This course will demonstrate how to plan implants from a

perio-prosthodontic perspective, present the case in a comprehensive and clear

format, and get precise surgical guides that match your plan. You will be able to

execute the surgery with the highest predictability in a least invasive fashion.

Course Objectives:

  • Appreciate and understand the value of precision in dental implantology utilizing

3D CBCT from the diagnosis and treatment planning phase to the final surgical &

prosthetic execution phase

  • Identify significant anatomy and pathology to avoid complications and to increase predictability

  • Perform treatment planning from a Perio-Prosthodontic perspective using 3D CBCT in order to provide an ideal, functional,

and esthetic outcome

  • Describe stage I, II, and III surgical & prosthodontic protocols

  • Experience placing two implants in a 3D CBCT guided fashion on a model

  • Learn about immediate temporization protocol and model based surgery utilizing CAD/CAM technology


Yong-han Koo
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