2014 Michigan Dental Association Winter Scientific Session

Jan 10-12, 2014

Combine outdoor fun with CE credits at the 2014 MDA Winter Scientific Session, to be held Jan. 10-12, 2014 at Crystal Mountain Resort.

Come join us, and be sure to bring the family! Meet your colleagues for a few hours of study each day, and then hit the slopes! Choose from a variety of ski packages and accommodations. No wonder the MDA Winter Scientific Session is such a favorite every year.

Friday:  Treatment Planning for Implant Patients

How do we determine the success of a dental implant? Must it integrate to be successful? The success rates for dental implants are higher in the mandible than the maxilla. But can all sites be considered equal within the given jaw?

Upon completion of the program the participant will be able to:

  • discuss the history of dental implants and the recent growth of the dental implant industry;
  • appreciate the difference between an integrated dental implant and a healthy dental implant;
  • differentiate an ideal implant site from a difficult implant site, regardless of the location;
  • appreciate how the staging of surgeries can change a difficult site to an ideal one;
  • better understand the degree of complexity and risk associated with certain cases;
  • prepare his/her patients better and set their expectations prior to the surgery consult;
  • utilize the online SAC Assessment tool.

Saturday:  Medical and Dental Issues and Pain Management

As the population ages, our patients’ medical histories and medication lists become more complex. The interaction of general health and oral health becomes more important, too. This lecture presents in question-and-answer format topics such as medical clearness from the medical doctor’s perspective; updates on cancer and immunocompromised patients; identification of pain syndromes and pitfalls to avoid; plus much more.

You’ll walk away from this course with pearls you can us in your practice the very next day. This course covers Michigan’s one-hour pain management requirement.

Sunday:  Update on Michigan’s Economy

Michigan’s economy hit bottom at the end of 2009, after a decade of huge job losses. Some progress has been made since then, but Michigan still ranks 35th among the 50 states in terms of per-capita income.

Professor Ballard will discuss the changes that must be made to attain a better economic future. To educate our children for the economy of tomorrow, we must make investments today. Professor Ballard will discuss the public policy alternatives, and he will provide some thoughts on where the economy is likely to go in the next few years.


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