2014 Las Vegas Travel & Learn Program

Jul 12-13, 2014

Day I: Complications Associated with Implant Therapy: Lecture

The number of claims related to implant complications has increased significantly over the last few years. In addition, complications associated with implant surgery can have a devastating effect on the final outcome of treatment. This lecture course will focus on how to identify and avoid potential complications before they arise and how to manage many of the common complications that can occur with implant therapy. Emphasis will be given to medicolegal implications, patient risk assessment, classifications of complications, and proper treatment planning principles.

Day II: Immediate Full-Arch Provisional Restorations with Dental Implants: Lecture & Hands-On Workshop

This day will feature scientific lectures and a hands-on workshop focusing on immediate fullarch provisional restorations with dental implants. The course will review the indications, contraindications, patient selection, preoperative work-up, intraoperative and postoperative techniques to provide the patient with a full arch fixed provisional restoration. The hands-on workshop is designed for the clinician that has prior implant experience and would like to broaden his/her knowledge and scope of practice and improve clinical skills.


-Diagnosis and treatment planning

-Sequencing from a terminal dentition to a full-arch implant-borne prosthesis

-Preoperative preparation and team consistency

-Surgical considerations

-Prosthetic considerations

-Conversion of existing denture into implant supported overdenture

-Assess medico-legal implications

-Restorative methods needed to fabricate the full arch fixed provisional

-Loading protocol

-Post-operative management

-Denture duplication

-Radiographic stent for CT scanning and surgical guide

-Accurate impression techniques for a full arch of implants


Perform treatment plan effectively to minimize the incidence of future complications Perform pre-operative risk assessment Manage the most common implant related complications Avoid and manage prosthetic complications Avoid esthetic complications Assess the role implant position plays in restorative complications Avoid and minimize risks associated with implant surgery Manage complications associated with bone graft procedures and sinus augmentation (graft infection and failure, sinusitis, oral-antral communication, and sinus fistula) Manage peri-implantitis Manage complications associated with bone graft procedures and sinus augmentation Manage failed implants and remove implants with minimal bone trauma Assess medico-legal implications


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