2 Day Implant Cadaver Workshop

Dec 6-7, 2014

There are 25 million edentulous patients and each year there is an increase of 500,000 more. Every minute in the U.S., a patient loses a tooth. The number of implants placed is nowhere near keeping up with the potential demand.

Each participant will be instructed by means of very intensive lecture, “hands-on” workshops utilizing models/cadaver and actual materials represented throughout the course. Day 1 will be lecture as well as hands on with models. Day 2 is an all day cadaver workshop where each participant will apply the knowledge from Day 1 to perform each excersize on a cadaver specimen. (2 Dr’s per cephalus)

Day 1: Lecture and hands on with models Discuss the need for Implantology and how it realtes to your practice Basic surgical technique (flap design, suturing etc.) Socket preservation Ridge splitting ridge augmentation Lateral and crestal approach sinus lifting immediate implant placement healed site implant placement Implant restorative protocols

Day 2: Cadaver workshop Implant placement in previously grafted site Immediate placement in an extraction site Socket preservation Lateral approach sinus lift Crestal appraoch sinus lift Ridge splitting/augmentation

From the course each participant should be able to:

determine when grafting is necassary for implant placement graft a socket raise the sinus floor place implants in an extration site place implants in a grafted site properly design and suture flaps for implant placement or grafting


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