Robert Convissar, DDS

Dr. Convissar is a pioneer in the field of lasers. One of the first dentists to incorporate lasers into general practice, Dr. Convissar has 18 years of experience with CO2, Diode, Nd.YAG and Erbium wavelengths. An international lecturer from London to Florence to Sydney to Bangkok to Hong Kong and everywhere in between, Dr. Convissar has written three textbooks and over a dozen peer reviewed papers translated into eight languages. His ground breaking laser treatments have been featured on NBC-TV News, CBS-TV News, the WABC Radio Network, and other programs. Dr. Convissar practices laser, cosmetic and restorative dentistry in New York City with his wife and partner, Dr. Ellen Goldstein. Dr. Convissar also serves as Director of Laser Dentistry at New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens.