Leesa Morrow, PhD, JD, LP

Leesa Morrow, Ph.D., J.D., L.P., Licensed Clinical Health Psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of TMD and Orofacial Pain, Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. Dr. Morrow completed a doctorate in Clinical Health Psychology at the University of North Texas and an internship in Clinical Psychology at Indiana University School of Medicine. She has devoted her career to a blend of clinical practice and teaching. Dr. Morrow has expertise in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, as well as stress exacerbated systemic illnesses. She uses a variety of treatment modalities including biofeedback, hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy. After many years working as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Morrow completed a degree in law at Indiana University School of Law. This additional education expanded Dr. Morrow’s professional expertise with the understanding of bioethics and medical malpractice.